About me

Apologies ... but here's the obligatory
"self-in-mirror" shot ... :)

Welcome to this blog, and thank you for stopping by ... this is my corner where I share and post little bits and pieces connected with my photography.

I hope you find something useful and/or nice to look at while you are here, and if you have some suggestions then please feel free to comment!

Rohan Thakur

What am I currently using?
(1) Nikon FX, DX and CX bodies
(2) Zoom lenses that give me a focal length range from 16mm to 300mm (35mm) for DX, and 10mm to 110mm (35mm) for CX.
(3) Prime (fixed focal length) lenses at 24mm, 35mm, 50mm and 85mm
(4) Dedicated macro lens at 105mm
(5) Other bits and pieces like the Nikon FT1 adapter for FX/DX to CX, a Canon 500D close up lens, a tripod and a monopod (which are invariably left behind, a very bad habit)

Wishlist / LBA future ... ?
(1) 500mm or 600mm tele prime, or 300mm + all three TCs
(2) 200mm (-ish) macro

Prior to Nikon, I used Pentax. They make some great compact (in comparison) bodies, and a great set of pancake primes. I had started with a weather sealed body that came in at the same cost as the plastic entry level offerings from the bigger brands at that time. I still keep an eye on news from the Pentax corner.